Casa Panchita’s Talavera-tiled kitchen is the domain of Doña Panchita, an inspired cook and namesake for Casa Panchita. A full breakfast is prepared daily here and served to guests in the dining room.

Freshly brewed coffee is available from 7:30 am in the kitchen. A full breakfast, served from 8 am to 9:30 am in the dining room, features platters of fresh, local fruits and fresh-squeezed orange juice. A selection of egg dishes in a variety of preparations including Huevos Mexicanos or Huevos Rancheros is offered. Oatmeal and granola may be requested. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

For your convenience, a light evening meal of Oaxaca-style soups or tapas is offered at 7:30 p.m.  for an additional charge, if there are more than six guests who would like to enjoy a light meal. During summer months, enjoy platters of fruit and light Oaxacan specialties served on the comfortable front patio at Casa Panchita. During cooler months, sample Panchita’s soups, along with bread and cheese for a tasty and healthy evening meal. Evening meals cost $8 dlls. per person and should be requested in the morning at breakfast. For any other night we have a list of suggestions of places nearby where you can dine or call for a delivery. We are always glad to help.

An honor bar on the terrace provides cold soft drinks, water, and beer. Guests may also request Alejandro’s delicious margaritas in the afternoon or evening, at an additional cost of $4 dlls. each. Please place special drink requests early in the day.